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Autumn Hachey

My higher consciousness likes to show up as “Sunshine”. You’ll know her when you see her.

I believe that in order to achieve your wildest dreams, there is no back up plan.

I’m a multifaceted creative in constant pursuit of flow state, elevating environments through visionary design and connecting the dots between inner and outer worlds.

I am the founder, creative director and principal designer at Stay Here. Stay Here is a high end full service interior design studio specializing in bespoke vacation rentals. Our most recent full scope project Hotel Julie can be seen on “Staying Inn: Hotel Julie”—a 10 episode TV show currently airing on CTV Life.

The show follows me and my team of collaborators as we restore a 19th century row house into a boutique hotel. You can catch up on the latest episode here. 

I’ve been passionately sharing my story online for the last decade and I've had the privilege of cultivating a beautifully engaged community of like-minded creative entrepreneurs, designers and individuals seeking inspiration on topics ranging from home design to self development and travel.

Three years ago after a major life change I began to embark on a transformative healing journey. I discovered a deep seated passion for wellness, putting into practice several modalities such as mindset, movement, meditation, therapy, manifestation and hot/cold therapy. Throughout this journey I’ve placed a major emphasis on the importance of connecting with nature and how your environment ultimately impacts your wellbeing.

My personal journey has paved the way for my newest venture ETHER. I’m sure we’re all familiar with four elements. Earth, air, water and fire. In addition to these elements there is a fifth element that is open to interpretation. Some refer to it as light or resonance, some would describe it as a vibration. It’s also been defined as the upper space above the moon, beyond the clouds. A place of limitlessness and infinite possibilities.

ETHER is a multidisciplinary design studio and wellness portal that fosters meaningful connections with ourselves, others and the Earth through the intentional design of mind and space. I believe that we as humans are an extension of nature and everything is connected. Your home and space are an expression of your consciousness and a reflection of your inner world.

Our mission at ETHER is to support our community on their own personal healing journeys with a major focus on mind and space. Through design services, coaching containers, challenges, events, retreats and our online wellness portal (coming soon!)- we aim to educate, inspire and empower our community to dig deeper and design a lifestyle that nourishes their soul.

We stand for heart led interactions, authenticity, vulnerability, curiosity and trusting your gut. 

We care about honouring our gifts, inspiring and empowering others, being adventurous, collaboration, growth, and community.

We believe in prioritizing flow state, creativity, anti-hustle culture, rest, joy, magic moments, meaningful connections, growth, deep conversations, imperfection and intentional design.

We are best known for our creativity, vision, energy and passion for all that we do.




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